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Zandarious's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 48 (From 15 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 750 Points

PixEvo - The Fountain

Back To Life Unlocked 7/17/10
5 Points
Recover some strength
The Heart Of Man Unlocked 7/17/10
10 Points
Become a full human
Walking Again Unlocked 7/17/10
10 Points
Get your legs back
More Than A Man Unlocked 7/17/10
25 Points
Grow small wings
The Call Of The Beast Unlocked 7/17/10
50 Points
Become the beast
Speed Run 100 Points Complete the game in 15 minutes or less
True Protector 100 Points Restore the fountain's flow

Medals Earned: 5/7 (100/300 points)

ShellCore: Skirmish

Casual Commander Unlocked 7/3/10
5 Points
Beat all beginner missions.
MidCore Commander 10 Points Beat all easy missions.
HardCore Commander 25 Points Beat all medium missions.
ShellCore Commander 25 Points Beat all hard missions.

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/65 points)


Space Ninja Unlocked 7/13/10
10 Points
Complete the game
Speed Freak Unlocked 7/13/10
25 Points
Complete any level in under 30 seconds
Peace Keeper 25 Points Don't kill any grunts
Perfectionist 25 Points Collect all the gold
Invincible 100 Points Don't die

Medals Earned: 2/5 (35/185 points)

the Kill Kar II: Revenge

Klean run Unlocked 7/9/10
10 Points
Beat a level without any damage or blood on your car
Krapped on 10 Points Pass a level with less then 5% health left
Kataklism 25 Points Kill everyone in any level using only missiles
Krash the Kage 25 Points Escape to the big city
Kash Kow 50 Points Earn over 100,000 dollars
Kill-a-K 50 Points Kill one thousand people
Kan do 100 Points Beat all levels above 80%
Kant Katch Up 100 Points Get gold on all race levels
Kraked 100 Points Beat the game

Medals Earned: 1/9 (10/470 points)

Time Fcuk

Is something wrong? Unlocked 9/26/09
10 Points
get to lvl 9
Opinionated Unlocked 9/26/09
10 Points
vote on 3 maps
You are your only companion in life. Unlocked 9/26/09
10 Points
get to level 22
You've learned nothing 5 Points Get the bad ending
Everyone will leave you 10 Points get to level 28
Obsessed 25 Points Vote on 33 maps
Lost in forever 50 Points beat an explore campaign
The Assent 50 Points Get the good ending
O))) 100 Points Vote on 333 maps

Medals Earned: 3/9 (30/270 points)